Audio-Visual Control Systems

Integrate all of your remote controls into a single audio-visual control system. Our experienced system designers will assist with your audio-visual requirements and program “black boxes” to take control of your audio-visual system seamlessly. We simply incorporate all of your system controls into one easy to manage black-box unit that allows you to control all of your audio-visual equipment from a central control unit. Whether your systems require the integration of computers, video conferences, screens, projectors, etc. or a far more complex integration including sound and lighting control systems, we are confident our trained technicians can provide a centralized audio-control system to suit your needs.

The right control system in an office or meeting room can be the difference between a professional, seamless meeting, and the frustration of fighting with multiple wires, remote controls, and connections. An integrated audio-visual control system should allow all uses to quickly and easily make use of equipment in the room to connect and present information to improve productivity. rather than having four or five remote controls sitting on a boardroom table or classroom, we can program all of your equipment into one control unit.

Getting and keeping the attention of students and scholars is difficult enough without having to contend with equipment that does not work. Centralize your requirements with a bespoke audio-visual control system and get online first time to start your class and engage your students. Remove the need for multiple remote controls and integrate your systems into a single black box audio-visual control system with bespoke Superior Vision audio-control systems.


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Meetings and events always function most effectively when they are supported by the highest level of audio visual technology. Superior Vision can provide a number of specialist services that will assist in keeping your audience captivated.

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