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Are you tired of hiring a PA systems every time you host an event or are you simply looking for a PA system that will actually allow people to hear what you are saying? If you are looking for an upgrade to your PA system, whether it be for announcements, audio material at sports stadiums, airport terminals or factories. We have the sound amplification system to suit your needs.

From the minimum PA systems requirements of a microphone and amplifier, to large scale public announcement systems including multiple speakers, loudspeakers, multiple microphones, recording software, sound mixing consoles to combine and modify multiple sources and amplifiers for louder volume sources, we stock it all. We can provide expert advice on your PA systems requirements whether you are looking for greater coverage and/or wider distribution throughout an entertainment venue, an office building, retail space, or an outdoor environment.

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Superior Vision Is Trusted by Over 18,000 Businesses.

Our aim is to ensure your event or meeting runs perfectly, every time. We are experts in providing detailed sound hire solutions, planning, professional execution and problem-solving so you can concentrate on your presentation while we take care of the setup.

With over 24 years of professional audio visual equipment hire and installation experience, Superior Vision audio visual solutions are the trusted name for events, meetings and conferences in South Africa. We specialise in providing top quality audio visual equipment solutions for corporate clients looking to ensure their event is professionally and seamlessly deployed.

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