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Reduce operating costs and travel by installing your own video conferencing (VC) system. Improve business processes, collaboration and productivity by installing a video conferencing solution in your office or meeting room. With over 24 years’ experience in the audio-visual industry, Superior Vision has the custom video conferencing answer to suit your specific needs.

Reduce email clutter and unprofessional, unmonitored instant messaging platforms with interactive video conferencing systems to enhance collaboration, communication and improve interaction. The combination of sound and video is far more inclusive than a simple telephone call and allows all participants to read body language and tone far more easily. Video conferencing systems are easy to operate when installed correctly and has many advantages over traditional communication channels.

Benefits of buying a video conferencing system:

  • Reduced travel costs with the elimination of non-essential journeys
  • Increased staff productivity across dispersed teams
  • Improved staff morale and staff retention
  • Sustained competitive advantage through faster knowledge sharing
  • Support for environmental policies

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Superior Vision Customer Testimonials

“We just want to say a huge thank you to you and your team for all the help and support during our conference. Its incredible how great lighting can transform a room. Your guys were amazing and incredible! They were attentive, helpful and worked so so hard all day and night. We really appreciate working with suppliers of such a good service.

Regards Tarryn – ROYAL CANIN”

“Thanks for the install yesterday. Your Team was punctual, professional and very patient with us here at Takealot. Also dealing with you, from a "getting a quote done" perspective was quick and efficient. People are always quick to raise bad service, but you guys provided me with fast and good quality work. Thanks to you and the team.

Regards Paul Malherbe - TAKEALOT

Superior Vision Is Trusted by Over 18,000 Businesses.

Our aim is to ensure your event or meeting runs perfectly, every time. We are experts in providing detailed sound hire solutions, planning, professional execution and problem-solving so you can concentrate on your presentation while we take care of the setup.

With over 24 years of professional audio visual equipment hire and installation experience, Superior Vision audio visual solutions are the trusted name for events, meetings and conferences in South Africa. We specialise in providing top quality audio visual equipment solutions for corporate clients looking to ensure their event is professionally and seamlessly deployed.

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Meetings and events always function most effectively when they are supported by the highest level of audio visual technology. Superior Vision can provide a number of specialist services that will assist in keeping your audience captivated.

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