iPad Hire Solutions

We provide top-quality iPads for all your business, educational, and personal needs. Whether you’re hosting an event, conducting training sessions, or seeking portable productivity solutions, our extensive range of iPads is designed to meet your specific requirements.

We specialise in short term iPad hire, ranging from 1 day to 3-month contracts. We have over 23 years of experience providing IT equipment for Events, Conferences, and Exhibitions.
We cover all aspects of iPad hire from simple dry hire, through to complex setup and delivery. We have a strong team of Technicians to set up, support, and provide complete iPad rental solutions. We can advise on the right apps and tools to meet your event objectives and deliver bespoke solutions.

Superior Vision has a wealth of experience supporting hundreds of iPads at multiple events. We can provide network and internet infrastructure, charging solutions, and software installation. We can integrate into your event team and take the hard work out of delivering a modern digital event.

Whether you are arranging a conference, exhibition display, or simply need to use iPads to collect data or use for guest lists we can provide you a hassle-free service with quality equipment.

  • What is the purpose or specific task you intend to use the iPad for?
  • How many iPads do you require for your project or event?
  • Will you need additional accessories such as chargers, cases, or stands for the iPads?
  • Are there any specific software or applications you need to be pre-installed on the iPads?
  • How long do you anticipate needing the iPads for? Is it a short-term or long-term rental?
  • Do you require any specific connectivity options, such as cellular capabilities or Wi-Fi only?

Our iPad Hire Customers Also Chose

We have a number of solutions to add to your iPad hire setup, such as:

iPad hire solutions

Whether you’re launching a brand, a business, or a product, the basic principles are the same. You will only get one chance to create a powerful affinity with your target audience.
Professionally organised events are the perfect platform to link knowledge with emotion to deliver your important messages.
There is no limit to what can be done. Call us to discuss your objectives and we will provide creative, impressive, and cost-effective solutions every time.

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