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The latest in office and classroom automation, digital interactive whiteboard and projector technology allows immersive interaction for instructors, teachers, and collaborative meetings. An interactive whiteboard is an instructional tool that allows digital images to be displayed where the user can manipulate elements using a stylus, finger, or mouse, directly on the screen. Interactive whiteboards allow the user to drag, click, copy, and write notes, which can be transformed into text and saved.

This extremely flexible tool boosts productivity by allowing truly immersive and cooperative environments, whether in the classroom, board room, or university. Not only can you directly interact on the boards but you can also record meetings and save your content for use on other digital media.

Our Epson interactive projectors are a cost-effective solution to installing digital interactive whiteboards and come with many new features, such as dual pen control, PC-free connectivity, and HDMI input. We provide a complete package for engaging learning, including custom installation from our trained AV technicians.

This package includes the projector, wall-mount, and two digital pens, and doesn’t need a separate screen. It can be mounted in four different ways to maximize learning opportunities: on your wall, on the ceiling, or even to the underneath or side of a desk. Mounting to a desk allows groups to work together on documents or multimedia files.

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Easy installation and effortless control, Epson has designed this projector to be quick to set up and use. You simply turn on and plug in – there’s no warm-up time involved. The image is calibrated automatically and there’s also a 16W built-in speaker. You don’t even need to switch on your PC as the built-in ‘instant annotation’ tool allows you to draw on any projected background or video.

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