High-Quality Projector Lamps

Our projector lamp range comprises top-quality brands such as Epson, Acer, Benq, Vivitek, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Optoma, Christie, and NEC. We supply a wide range of projector lamps to guarantee that your projected pictures are crystal clear. We always recommend that you switch your projector lamp with a high-quality bulb to ensure optimal performance. A genuine bulb includes the original bulb and the original casing. A true projector lamp includes the exact same bulb and casing as a new projector’s lamp. The manufacturer assembles and produces the entire lamp ( Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki, Epson, Panasonic, and Matsushita, among others). These lamps have patented technology and are designed for optimal operation.

An original bulb inside lamp consists of the original bulb and generic housing. It uses original bulbs supplied directly from the major bulb manufacturers, such as Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki, Epson, Panasonic and Matsushita. Lamp quality and performance is claimed to be the same as the lamp module supplied by the projector manufacturer.

When you see the term “compatible” it means the lamp module has been manufactured by someone other than the manufacturer of your projector. A study of compatible lamps , funded by Philips, found that ANSI lumen values averaged 32% lower (than Philips lamps) in compatible lamps. However, compatible lamp modules may provide good value. You can expect the lamp module to fit into your projector exactly like the original. In most cases you will have a projector that performs well even if it does not have the same lumen output of the original.

  • What is the make and model of your projector to ensure compatibility with the replacement lamp?
  • What is the estimated usage time or lamp life expectancy you are looking for in a replacement lamp?
  • Are you specifically looking for an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) lamp or would you consider compatible third-party options?
  • What is your preferred lamp type (e.g., UHP, LED, laser) based on your usage requirements and budget?
  • Have you noticed any decline in brightness or image quality that may indicate the need for a replacement lamp?

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Projector Lamps

Projector lamps are the heart of any projector, providing the necessary light source to produce vibrant and clear images on the screen. They are responsible for illuminating the projector’s internal optics, allowing the projection of visuals onto a larger surface. The quality and condition of the projector lamp significantly impact the overall projection experience.

Projector Lamps

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