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Marketing at an exhibition can begin a lasting relationship between potential customer and an organisation.

We understand the importance of connecting and capturing contacts within a crowded environment whilst allowing your brand to stand out and encouraging an activation or interactivity with your audience using the simplest and oldest method of communication – one person speaking to another. Exhibitions are a great opportunity to connect with clients, network and sell your product to a targeted audience. Having the right Exhibition stand is vital to your success. As one of the leading Exhibition stand companies, we are experienced in bringing exhibition stands to life by building and installing on site. We can provide floor coverings, special features and a multitude of bespoke materials. 

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    Customer Testimonials

    “We just want to say a huge thank you to you and your team for all the help and support during our conference. Its incredible how great lighting can transform a room. Your guys were amazing and incredible! They were attentive, helpful and worked so so hard all day and night. We really appreciate working with suppliers of such a good service.

    Regards Tarryn – ROYAL CANIN”

    “Thanks for the install yesterday. Your Team was punctual, professional and very patient with us here at Takealot. Also dealing with you, from a "getting a quote done" perspective was quick and efficient. People are always quick to raise bad service, but you guys provided me with fast and good quality work. Thanks to you and the team.

    Regards Paul Malherbe - TAKEALOT

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    Meetings and events always function most effectively when they are supported by the highest level of audio visual technology. We can provide a number of specialist services that will assist in keeping your audience captivated.