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Wireless Presentation




Wireless Presentation Dongle

The Smallest Wireless Presentation System with Powerful Performance. It is the most cost-effective and efficient way to upgrade ANY KIND of display — simply plug the Dongle into the USB port of your secondary display (projector or LCD screen)  and display the contents wirelessly via your laptop! The “Plug-and-Show” technology allows anyone to do presentations easily.



Wireless Presenter

If you give professional presentations using PowerPoint or similar software, wireless presenters, also known as presenter remotes or even presenter pens, aren’t your only option – they’re just the best option. A well-designed wireless presenter will greatly enhance your presentations. Whether you want to highlight an important fact with the laser pointer or fade the screen to black so your audience will focus on you, wireless presenters can point your audience’s attention where you want it to be. Some presenters can even remind you at determined intervals to move along with the presentation.